Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Mighty Crusaders #1 (1965)

Here's the first issue of the original Silver Age incarnation of the official Archie Comics superhero team. Imagine a low-rent Avengers or Justice League...

One interesting note that should be made about the 1960s era (usually referred to as the "MLJ", "Mighty Comics", or "Radio Comics" era) Mighty Crusaders is that none other that Jerry Seigel (of Seigel and Shuster, creators of Superman fame) was one of the contributing writers to these books, most of the times uncredited.

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Mighty Crusaders Vol. 1 #1 CBR file

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Matt Celis said...

He was built up as "Jerry Ess" before the big reveal that Superman's daddy was writing for Archie Comics.

If by low-rent you mean "more fun," then you're on the money. The Mighty Crusaders are perhaps the greatest super team of all time. I rank them above the Inferior Five because in I5 the characters were jokes as well as the situations they found themselves in, whereas the Crusaders were serious crimefighters in situations that were often humorous, no unlike the Batman TV series that came later.