Monday, August 25, 2008

Archie's Weird Mysteries #3

Just a little experiment in sharing that I've conducted:

I took the liberty of snagging pages that had been scanned by FB-DCP from Tales From Riverdale Digest #27 and re-editted them together with a scan of the original cover of Archie's Weird Mysteries #3 (which some of the material in that issue had been reprinted from) and re-organized them into a new .cbz file, adding a tag creditting the original scanners and everyone that's uploaded the original scans, simply because this issue...featuring a rare contemporary appearance of The Mighty Crusaders...has either yet to be scanned or no one (to my knowledge) is sharing...

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Archie's Weird Mysteries #3 CBR file


John said...

Hi. Thanks for this great site. I am a big Archie Comics super heroes fan. Any chance of posting Archie Weird Mytery #14 which had a Mighty Crusaders/Super Teens tem up? I would much apprsciate it. I'll also looking for Falculty Funnies. That's a book where Mr. Weatherbee and other Rivderdale staffers gain super powers. Keep up the good work.

Jimi said...

Archie's Weird Mysteries #14 (2001):

(all links are the same)